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2015 to Date - Present: Integration support to Airbus America Engineering (mobile) for the A350XWB Cabin Engineering: 

Aero optimal is providing integration team of stress engineers for Airbus America Engineering (B/E Aerospace, UK).

2016: Aero Optimal participation in the Aerospace Mission to Munich with Launch of BMI new Route between Southampton and Munich

Part of the delegation visiting and meeting key German aerospace counterparts at the Ludwig Bölkow Campus and the Bauhaus Luftfahrt Think Tank in Ottobrunn, a leading example of the German Aerospace public private partnerships, driving innovation and ultimately, successful commercialisation. Security & Defence UK Department for International Trade.


2015: Presentation of Aero Optimal Compostie Panel Optimisation Tool to Airbus R & T (Hamburg)


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2014: Part of the UKTI Trade Mission to Indonesia.

UKTI Group Photo

2014: Aero Optimal participation at Farnborough International Airshow.FAC Member

2006-2015: Aero Optimal reference work package for the development of Airbus A350 XWB-900 and -1000 programmes.

2012 - 2015: Integration support to Airbus America Engineering for the A350XWB-1000 side shells/door surround structures

2011 - 2012: A350 XWB-1000 Mat “A” (aft fuselage section 16/18)

2010 - 2011: A350 XWB-900 AFT Fuselage section 16/18 (Detail sizing/ justification reporting of U/Lshells structure)

2008 - 2014: Integration support to Airbus America for A350XWB-900 fwd fuselage S13/14 side shells structures

2010: A350 XWB aft fuselage section 16/18 pax, bulk and cargo door surround structures

2007- 2010: A350XWB -900 fuselage fwd & aft (16/18 & 13/14) section Concept and Mat "A"

2006 - 2007: A350-900 (CFRP Wing structure, Upper Cover)