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Analytical Optimisation Software Tool

Development of Analytical Optimisation T

What are the advantages of using the software tool?

  • Rapid prototyping and development of practical engineering solutions

  • The software enhances the 'rapid prototyping structural analysis' of composite skin-stringer / frame structures.

  • These lightweight structural configurations are found in the space, aerospace, marine, and green energy sectors.

  • The software tool can be used as:

    • Prototyping and pre-sizing tool

    • Sizing and optimisation tool

  • It interfaces with 'Finite Element Models (FEM)

  • It analyses multiple structural modes in Plain Strength, local & global stabilities, and damage tolerance.

What does an optimisation tool do, and why use it?

  • It analyses composite structures applicable to the Air, Space, marine, and green energy sectors.

  • The current engineering process requires a large number of iterations of geometry and load redistribution updates.

  • The software tool reduces these iterations to an absolute minimum, saving time and cost.

  • The software tool fits between FEM & AFP software products shown below:

How does Aero Optimal's Engineering process work?

How does the Software Tool interfaces with Industry FEM?

Aero Optimal's Analytical Optimisation software tool interfaces with the Industry Standard FEM (MSc Nastran/Patran) software package via an Excel-based interface tool to update the FEM re-run properties.


Implementation of Dynamic Response Damage Tolerance Module of composite stiffened panels allows:

  • Model update of optimisation loop without the use of interface tool

  • Automatic update of the FEM properties for load redistribution re-run

  • Generate detailed justification structural analysis reports of the optimised composite structure

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