Welcome to Aero Optimal Ltd
Welcome to Aero Optimal Ltd


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Analytical Optimisation Software Tool
Analytical Optimisation Software Tool

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Wing and high-lift device structures
Wing and high-lift device structures

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Welcome to Aero Optimal Ltd
Welcome to Aero Optimal Ltd


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Aero Optimal is an Engineering Technical Consultancy Company providing specialised structural analysis services to industries with strength in solving unique and challenging technical problems with innovative and time-saving solutions.

We provide technical services through our core team of experts and use the latest design analysis software and the in-house developed optimisation software tool, offering innovative rapid responses to our clients for on time and within budget delivery.

One of the important issues plaguing the adoption of composites is ‘over-design’, an issue often arises with Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) for its low impact damage allowable strain that could in designs consume more materials and deliver heavier structures. 

Aero Optimal application of dynamic response impact damage prediction is supported by its continuous research and development in the field of composite sandwich and stiffened panels optimisation.

We provide end to end support of the structural design development process:

  • Structural Testing (Coupon to Component)​

  • Structural Repair Manuals

  • Manufacturing Support of QA, and Repairs

  • Liaison with partners in support of the engineering process from concept to market


About Us

Aero Optimal Ltd was established in 2006 to provide technical consultancy services to Aerospace and space industries and wider commercial markets in the field of composite design, stress analysis and weight optimisation of light-weight structures constructed from honeycomb / foam core sandwich and or skin / stringers stiffened composite panels.

One of the important issues plaguing the adoption of composites is ‘over-design’. This phenomenon in Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic is mainly due to its low impact damage strain allowable, which reduces panel strength and affects the aircraft’s structure survivability. To compensate, designers ‘over-design’ structures, which consume more materials and deliver heavier structures than they should.

2013-2015: Aero Optimal developed the first analytical optimisation tool interfacing with industry standard numerical analysis software tool, capable of verifying composite stiffened panel compliance while addressing weight minimisation with respect to stiffness, strength, stability, and damage tolerance.

We have a proven pedigree of delivering light-weight structural solutions satisfying multiple design and certification criteria requirements.  We can deliver these solutions to an OEM from the initial geometrical definition through the full certification and manufacturing support process.

Our technical services combined with our research and development programme continue to achieve improvements in the design concepts of stringer stiffened skin and sandwich panels composite structures.

2016-2019: Aero Optimal initiated the vision to enhance its software tool with the capability of dynamic responsive damage tolerance calculation module which allows focus on more exotic materials such as graphene. Application of these more ductile composites in aircraft structural design is new and, to date, they have not been addressed by the industry’s R & D initiatives.

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We use the most up-to-date industry & bespoke in-house developed software tools to analyse and ‘optimise’ structural parts that are typically employed on all CAT 'A' space, aerospace, marine, transport and green energy sectors.


Our experience covers all aspects of aero-structures for fixed and rotary wing air-vehicles that are manufactured with metallic and composite materials using both skin-stringers stiffened and honeycomb / foam sandwich panels.

We provide cost effective, optimised design and analysis solutions for variety of aero-structures from initial concept to certification:

  • Aircraft structures and components

  • Helicopter structures and components

  • Light aircraft and composite structures

  • Aero-engine, fuel tank structures and components

  • Aircraft interior structures (Seats and Galleys)

Transport & Green Energy

Composite materials are widely used in automotive, marine, and green energy sectors. Our years of experience in the use of composite materials, combined with our continuous Research and development work in stiffened panel, honeycomb and foam sandwich panel design enables us to help you in selecting and utilising the most suitable design and product life cycles.

Read more about Lightweight & Composite Structures


Research & Development

Design analysis of composite structures are efficiently delivered when mathematical modelling is complemented by analytical parametric solutions and simulation for rapid prototyping which can lead to substantial reduction of development time and cost from Concept to SRM.

Read more about  Composite Stiffened Panel Optimisation



Structural Design & Engineering

We use the latest industry standard design analysis software tool to ‘Analyses and Optimise ’ metallic and composite structures (stringer stiffened and or honeycomb / foam sandwich panels) that are typically employed in space, aerospace, automotive, marine, and green energy structures.


We can provide technical consultancy services in the following fields:

  • Concept / configuration to certification and roll-out

  • Static, stability, damage tolerance analysis of skin / stringer stiffened and or honeycomb / foam core sandwich  panels

  • Design and stress analysis of composite structures

  • Finite element analysis and justification / certification report

  • Non-linear, thermal, dynamic, vibration and modal analysis consultancy

  • Acquisition and definition of  composite design allowable

  • Solutions to composite manufacturing issues

Classical analytical calculations remain an essential part of our analysis services.


Read more about Structural Design & Engineering

Optimisation of Composite Structures

Design solutions for minimum structural mass are achieved by selecting appropriate manufacturable materials, efficient stacking sequences and optimum geometry for strength, stability, and damage tolerance due to the impact of external objects.

We use our in-house developed bespoke  software tool  to ‘optimise’ composite panels that are typically employed on all CAT 'A' space, aerospace, automotive, marine, and green energy sectors.

By optimisation, we mean the creation of minimum weight structures satisfying multiple certification criteria.  The process moves from initial concept, geometrical layout, and initial loading through to a fully configured minimum weight solution  based on stiffness, strength, stability, and damage tolerance.


Read more about Overview of Optimisation Software Tool

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