Optimisation Tool

Design analysis of metallic & composite structures is delivered efficiently where mathematical modelling is complemented by multi objective analytical optimisation solutions.

Aero Optimal optimisation technique combined with our in-house developed optimisation tool enables us to efficiently perform pre and sizing calculations of composite/metallic panels, saving time and cost.

Aero Optimal’s continuous R&D programme aims to improve panel design with regard to material usage/weight, geometry, lay-up, stability, damage tolerance of composite structures.

Summary of Aero Optimal Sizing Optimisation Tool

  • Eliminate costly hours of numerical/manual calculations usnig FE analysis
  • Stacking optimisation by selecting the most appropriate manufacturing layup
  • Simultaneous optimisation of geometry, layup & stiffness for minimum weight
  • Software developed for rapid sizing and optimisation of composite/metallic panel
  • Automated analysis & optimisation process for convergence of internal loads
  • Display of loads, geometry, layup, properties, stability and Damage Tolerance
  • Fast comparison of results and weight with detail analysis display & reports

Substantial reduction of development time & cost from Concept to SRM