We use our in-house developed software tool to ‘optimises’ composite panels that are typically employed on all CAT 'A' aerospace, automotive, marine and green energy structures.

This process moves from initial concept, geometrical layout and initial loading through to a fully configured minimum weight solution satisfying the required strength & stiffness tailoring criteria to achieve an industrial solution.

Design analysis of light weight structures is delivered efficiently where mathematical modelling is complemented by analytical optimisation solutions through;

  • Rapid sizing and optimisation of composite structures
  • Efficient design with optimised lay-up, geometry, stability & damage tolerance
  • Eliminating costly hours of numerical/manual calculations
  • Stacking optimisation by selecting the most appropriate manufacturing layup
  • Simultaneous optimisation of geometry, layup and stiffness for minimum weight
  • Automated analysis and optimisation process for convergence of internal loads
  • Fast comparison of results and weight with detail analysis display and reports
  • Substantial reduction of development time and cost from Concept to SRM