We provide rapid, cost effective, optimised, design & analysis solutions of composite and metallic structures to the following sectors:

  • Commercial aircraft structures and components
  • Helicopter structures and components
  • Light aircraft and composite structures
  • Aero-engine, fuel tank structures and components

Our experience covers a wide range of diverse projects such as:

  • Commercial aircraft – CFRP wing and fuselage structures
  • Civilian aircraft – inboard/outboard flaps certification analysis and documentation
  • Military helicopter – CFRP Nomex sandwich fuselage, empennage, VTP & HTP
  • Engine – Nacelle and reverse thrust structures (metallic and CFRP)
  • Spacecraft sandwich structures: preliminary and detailed stress of payload module
  • Turboprop business jet CFRP structures, empennage, VTP and HTP
  • Composite light aircraft trainer FAR 23 category – four seats
  • Aircraft seats and galleys for a variety of commercial aircrafts