About Us

Aero Optimal Ltd was established in 2006 to provide technical consultancy services to both the aerospace and wider commercial markets primarily in the field of large composite aerostructures.

We have a proven pedigree of delivering lightweight composite & metallic structural solutions satisfying the required stiffness tailoring and strength requirements.  We can deliver these solutions to an OEM from the initial geometrical definition through the full certification and manufacturing support process.

Our high-quality technical services combined with our ongoing in-house R&D programme continue to achieve improvements in the design concepts of both composite and metallic structures. Aero Optimal Optimisation Tool.

  • Aero Optimal operates on a flexible basis and will adapt to clients’ needs in order to execute each assignment efficiently.
  • Aero Optimal can offer a number of solutions for you by providing key people with specialist skills to complement your existing team, a stand-alone task force to accomplish a specific objective or a fully operational team to staff a new venture.
  • Aero Optimal offers Technical Coaching and training courses for stress engineers and graduates.